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What I Do


(Client is fully clothed) A lively energy process that removes energy blocks along the Ida and Pingala, the nerve centers on each side of the spinal column.  This will reduce headaches from trapped energy in the head, neck and shoulders. You will also experience increased circulation, improved digestion, more restful sleep and ease of stress.


Life energy is the link between the mind and body.  This hands-on technique stimulates and balances the flow of energy within your body.  Your life energy must flow freely and easily to ensure optimum health and well-being.  Enjoy deep relaxation, releases of physical and emotional pain, improved breathing and a greater range of motion.


Balances and harmonizes the chakras (energy centers) using color visualization, tuning forks and the tone of each corresponding chakra.  Since ancient times, sound has been used as a healing and creative force.  Color has the ability to affect us spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically.

Color and Sound therapy will boost the clarity of your energy system, enhance your ability to manifest your thoughts into reality and increase your life force energy.


Channeled Healing is an in-depth process that addresses your emotional and spiritual imbalances to reveal and heal hidden trauma from past experiences.  I will work with my spirit guides, as well as yours, to provide healing on a deeper level.  This modality of spiritual healing is an important first step in giving yourself the gift of feeling more grounded, balanced and inspired.


All crystals have energy and when placed on or near the body they work through vibration to absorb and diffuse blocked energy.  The body's natural rhythm is restored by releasing stress and pain which then stimulates the body's own ability to heal itself.  Healing with crystals opens the door to deeper relaxation, creativity and a more balanced state of wellness.


Clears the body's energy field from toxic patterns that have become incompatible with the body's emotional, mental and/or physical vibrations.  We will discuss your areas of concern (for example: thought patterns, foods or environmental exposure), use muscle testing to determine what the body is ready to eliminated and then complete the process by clearing the Governor or Conception Vessel (energy channels from the crown chakra to the root chakra).  A final rebalancing of Acu-Points (pressure points) returns the body's systems back to a state of relaxation, vitality and harmony.

Below are brief descriptions of some of the energy healing modalities blended together in each unique healing session.  Energetic healing is one of the many keys to restoring your spiritual bodies and to establishing a solid foundation for vibrant health and wellness.  All of the healing services are attuned to helping you achieve your optimal health.

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