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  Seahorse teaches us a profound lesson in being content with who we are, and not feeling the need to change.  Often the seahorse guides us in being aware of those around us, asking us to take a look around not with just our physical eyes but, also our spiritual eyes.  This assists us in gaining a better perspective on any situation.

white pheasant

White Pheasant

  Those with the pheasant as their totem have the ability to attract love and creativity in their lives. It is symbolic of our ability to reach ever-increasing heights in our spiritual understanding, but we must also recognize the need to stay grounded at the same time.

The pheasant asks that we honor our genuine selves, and not pretend to be something we are not. This incorporates the symbolism of protection of ourselves and our loved ones.

sea turtle


  Sunflowers are a symbol to remind us to follow our instinct, our joy and what lights us up.  They are associated with long life and good luck. Their yellow color signifies vitality and intelligence guiding us along the path of personal evolution and self-awareness.

Sea Turtle

  The sea turtle is a great guide to call upon when we need to shield ourselves from negative energy.  


  In astrology, the daisy corresponds to the sign of the Taurus (which I am).  This astrological sign occurs April 20 to May 20th, which is when the sun/spring-loving daisy pops from the Earth.  The daisy stands for traits like patience, persistence and quiet strength.  

  The intuitive healing energy of the mermaid brings a magical shift to matters of the heart.

The yellow center of the daisy is symbolic of vitality and radiance.  Purification and healing are represented by the white petals of the daisy.


  Mermaid energy is of a peaceful vibration. It facilitates connection to our sacred self, gifts and blessings 

I call upon this sweet spirited creature while visualizing the turtle lending me its protection.  The sea turtle also represents longevity, endurance, persistence and the continuation of life.


   Since the beginning of time, the spirits of plants and animals have been used by healers as medicine for healing the heart and soul.  During a session, I call upon the plants and animals listed below (along with any others needed for you) to restore the body back to balance and harmony.

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